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v  What is camping?

v  Can I bring a cooler and food?

v  Registration issue

v  Can I make changes?

v  What stage am I dancing on?

v  I lost my competitor card!

v  Where can I practice?

v  Music problem

v  Arriving late

v  Can I talk to the judges?

v  Do I have to dance everything?

v  Results are incorrect!

v  I lost something!

v  Can I get individual results?

v  When can I register for next year?

v  CHAMPS  Hard shoe or soft first?




What is camping?


Because feising is an all day event, almost everyone brings a picnic blanket and folding chairs to be more comfortable. Also, this allows you to keep all your stuff together. The Great Lakes Feis encourages you to bring your blanket and chairs!


At the Great Lakes Feis there will be some chairs set up in front of each stage. Everyone is encouraged to use them only when their child is competing, and then let the other parents have a chance to sit there to watch their child compete.


Almost everyone brings a blanket and chairs, and basically camps for the day. Your neighbor will put their blanket right next to yours - space it at a premium at a feis - so there will be little room between camping areas for walking. So make sure to bring a blanket that you don't mind having others walk on.


The other nice thing about camping is that you get to know other feising families, exchange feising tips, notes,  So don't be shy - introduce yourself and get to know your feis neighbor!

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Can I bring a cooler and food?


NO! No coolers are allowed at the Great Lakes Feis. No food or beverages are allowed. The Seagate Centre vendors sells food and drinks. However, you can leave your cooler in the car if you like.

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Registration issue?


It is very important that BEFORE you come to the feis, you check your registration information on-line. If you find any error before the deadline, you can make changes for free at


Changes can still be made at the feis for a late fee  just find the tabulation desk where they can make the changes for you. 

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Can I make changes?


Changes to dance registrations can be made at the feis for a fee (see the syllabus).
Great Lakes Feis will even accept brand new registrations on the day of the feis. Please see the syllabus for all details.

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What stage am I dancing on?


About a week before the feis, a stage assignment list will be posted on this website. This is a list of all the competitions, on the stage and in the order they will occur. Please note that some competitions are combined (for example 207RL/208RL), while others might be split (such as 411RL-A and 411RL-B). If a competition is not listed at all, it means no one registered and it is cancelled.


After registration at the Seagate Centre, look at the back of your dancer card. It has all your registration information, and what stage each competition is on. Also, the stage assignment list given to you at registration lists all the competitions in order on each stage.


However, you should always pay attention to announcements, as some competitions may be moved around to other stages.

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I lost my competitor card!


Don't panic! Go to the TABULATION area - they will issue you a new card.

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Where can I practice?


You can practice in the main dance hall. Please avoid dancing directly behind a judge or near a stage as this can be disruptive to the judge.

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Music problems?


The musician is playing the wrong music / or the musician is playing at the wrong tempo - what should I do?


If you are on stage, and before you dance, you notice something wrong with the music - raise your hand and get the judge's attention. If the judge acknowledged you, go up to the judge and tell them what is wrong. If the judge does nothing - ignores you - then just do your best with the music. It is important to make your effort to let the judge know BEFORE you start to dance.


Also, in Novice and Open categories, the Hornpipe and Treble Jigs can be danced either slow or fast(Traditional). The stage monitor should ask you what speed you want to dance at. Make sure you know BEFORE you check in. If you don't know, go to the QUESTION/PROBLEM table and they will find someone to help you.

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I'm late for my dance, can I still compete?


Go up to the stage monitor. They have the final say on whether or not you can compete. If the stage monitor turns you away, you must respect their decision and just walk away.


It is very important to keep watching what competitions are coming up. Be ready a couple of dances before yours, and as soon as your competition is listed under Next go sign in. Do not wait to the last minute to sign in. Competitions will not be re-opened for latecomers.


Also, The Great Lakes Feis has set up all the stages so that no one will be dancing on more than one stage. The only exception is the final Treble Reel competition for Championship level - but that will be the last competition of the day.

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Can I talk to the judge?


I want to ask the judge a question - can I go up to them between dances?


NO! Under no circumstances should anyone ever talk to the judges when they are sitting at their table. In fact, talking to a judge can get you disqualified from the feis!


Go to the REGISTRATION table with all your questions - they will either have the answer for you, or will find someone who does.

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Do I have to dance all the dances?


Do I have to dance all the dances I registered for?


If you are unable or just don't feel like competing in an event, you are not obliged to participate. It is courteous to go up to the stage manager and let them know you will not take part - so they don't wait for you or call for you before the start of the competition.


Not taking part in some or all your registered competitions will have NO effect on your ranking or scoring. Each competition is judged completely separately, and no one keeps track of what exactly you competed in.

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Results are incorrect?


The winners listed on the posters aren't right. None of these people were even in that competition!


We are all human, and sometimes, we may make a mistake. Please speak to a volunteer at the RESULTS area and let them know exactly what the problem is. This is important and we will do our best to correct it as quickly as possible.

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I lost something!


Go to the REGISTRATION table - it's also the lost and found area.


If you lost a child - oh well - better luck next time :)

Actually, just come to the REGISTRATION table, and they can make an announcement - hopefully your child will pay attention!

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Can I get individual results?


Championship dancer results will be given out during the awards ceremony at the stage.


Everyone else will receive their individual results for FREE at the AWARDS area. Individual results include your scores and any comments the judges might have given. Your individual results will only be available after all the competitions you registered for are completed (meaning that their results are posted in the RESULTS area). Your results will be printed when you show the volunteer your dancer card number.


However, if you didn't get your results the day of the feis, you can access them on your account at

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CHAMP  Soft shoe or hard shoe first?


Preliminary Championship and Open Championship competitions will begin with HARD SHOE FIRST!

They will also run from oldest to youngest dancers through the day.

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When can we register for next year?


Registration will open in the spring of next year at

Please visit the website for updates

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